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How Social Advertising is Coming of Age

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“If you are digital, you must be social. Three years ago, it was experimental. It became something you kind of sort of had to have two years ago. You must have it today.”

I recently had the opportunity to share the stage with Kyle Harty and Wick Vipond from Allen Gerritsen at Ad Age’s 2015 Data Conference where we discussed social advertising and the power of its data. Social Advertising is coming of age, but is already an incredibly powerful medium. Through my work with Kinetic, I have been able to see its rise firsthand over the past few years. From established ad mediums like Facebook and Twitter to up and comers like Pinterest, each medium provides a creative space to engage followers in different ways.
In terms of reach alone, these platforms provide a brand ample opportunity to effectively reach and expand its audience:


With each platform comes specialization. If a brand brought the same approach to each platform, it would fail to reach its potential. Currently, users spend an increasing amount of time on most major social platforms. By harnessing each platform’s power, a brand can see exponential success while preparing to expand into other mediums.

A Kinetic partner, Sunoco, was used by the three of us during our presentation. In a bid to reach a bigger audience on social, we framed Sunoco as The Essence of Racing with its official fuel deals with most American racing sports. This subject may not seem like something up social media’s alley, but that all changed with Burnt Rubbér.

Starting with a three-month campaign, Burnt Rubbér became a series of  four unique promo videos and five still images. Through specializing for each medium, the campaign allowed users to engage closer with some of their favorite drivers–including a 39.4 percent Action Rate on Facebook. By breaking the campaign into individual pieces on Instagram, Sunoco began a fun dialogue with its audience. Now, plans call for Burnt Rubbér to launch on Pinterest soon.

In today’s digital arena, you must be engaging your audience with the appropriate content and approach on each social media platform. With a creative approach, brands can expand their audience and create a reputation as a leader in its sector when it comes to content. In doing so, a brand harnesses social media in a way that doesn’t leave its audience thinking it saw an ad, but rather an ingenious piece of content that just so happened to inspire their purchases. Watch the full video below!

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